Driving down Woodward, tucked in off Watson Street lies a unique dining experience that is well deserving of a 60-minute drive from the burbs or a 6 minute walk for the local Detroiter.

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Grey Ghost is a New-American styled cuisine that offers a relaxing dinning area for a more formal setting, as well as a swankier high top bar and standing area for the fast paced millennial just getting off the clock. The decor is warm and inviting with industrial & eclectic touches like the gorgeous tile running the length of the bar.  

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Hand crafted cocktails, bar favorites and the house’s specialty dish of Fried Bologna on a perfectly crisp waffle, garnished with cheddar and jalapeños, makes up a Grey Ghost’s unique yet eclectic menu offering.

Initially taking a glance at one-off kind of menu will leave you leaning towards the more traditional dishes like a Cheeseburger, which is phenomenal may we add, but once you break the seal on one of these original eats you’ll be left with a curiosity that can only be experience the rest of the menu can fill. Everything is incredible that we tried and we're already looking forward to getting out here again.

The attention to detail on the food, drinks and atomosphere is  worth going out for a date night or night out with friends. Check out our fave dishes below & keep an eye on our insta (@jpluskgetaway) for a giveaway coming soon! 


We love a good craft cocktail and Grey Ghost totally delivers here! Tell your waitress or waiter what you're in the mood for and they will recommend exactly what you're looking for. Another one of our favorites to try is whitefish and their take on a "pate" is so unique and was by far one of our favorites! Its shredded and has complex textures from the bagel crackers and mustard seeds. If you get one thing personally we think this is it! 

When we saw the octopus corndog on the menu we didn't even think twice about trying it. Like we said above, there are some pretty unique eats and this is one of them. It again is definitely worth the try, its so different and delicious! 

For our mains we got the cheeseburger (had to!) and the roviollo which was almost like dessert it was SO good! The last thing you HAVE to get is the brussel sprouts - we don't what kind of magic is in these but they are by far the best we've ever had!