Hello there! We recently had the chance of a lifetime for a trip we've dreamt about for so long! This is all about manifesting your dreams guys because it can for sure happen and especially when you least expect it ;)

For as long as we can remember J & I would walk marinas and look at boats and dream of one day being able to sit on one of those. I feel like we put it at the back of our heads and had other destinations in mind and then we got a call. Some family friends of ours had some stuff they had to take care of at home and asked if we wanted to take their place on the yacht they had rented... um HELL YES we do! But you know life is happening so we got everything cleared & even had a business meeting while we were there but everything ended up working out. It was pure craziness for literally 24 hours but hey you gotta seize the day and we live by Carpe Diem! 

This crazy ride started with a private jet (!!!) on Royal Air down to Nassau, Bahamas. It was truly an incredible experience and we cherished every minute as cheesy as that sounds. What we learned was our time is valuable and if we win the lottery one day this will for sure be our means of traveling! ;) 

As soon as we flew in it was right off to the meeting and then we got to go enjoy Perfect Sense. You know how when things just line up and end up making PERFECT SENSE... well just the timing and how everything worked out truly did make perfect sense and that being the name of the boat felt like the universe saying "Hey I got you!". Even though we were only on the boat for a total of three days it was amazing and it was a dream that turned into an awesome reality. 

The ship itself is so cozy and inviting. Our favorite part was the front deck which was perfect for enjoying the ride through the Atlantic ocean. We enjoyed drinking, snacking, reading and a little napping up on that deck :) The water toys were also the MOST fun!  Our first night was out on open water near the Exuma islands and it was breathtaking! Us and a few other yachts anchored out in the open water and it was one of the most memorable nights J & I have had! Jet skiing while the sun was setting was something we will always remember! 

The best part of the whole trip was the crew on Perfect Sense. Mickey, Stef & Ryan you guys rocked it out each day and the three of you truly made our trip what it was. We loved laughing with you and learning what you shared with us! They made the experience what it was and for that we wanted to say thank you! We're ready to see you again! :)

So here is a little round up of our trip! Cheers to the most spontaneous trip we've ever had & to doing it again in the near future!  Be sure to check out our video that will be live tomorrow too!