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After a 48 hour stay in Montreal, we opted to continue our road trip to a cozier, more relaxed setting. Little did we know heading farther east would only venture us further into the French Canadian culture with little English to be found anywhere. Fortunately, we had our I phones to guide us but as we continued our trip to Quebec City, the high energy of the city fell behind us and the quaintness of the countryside enveloped us. There isn’t much to look at during the 3 hour ride from Montreal to Quebec City but as your breach the city limits of QC and take in your first look at the St. Lawrence River, you can feel the history that follows you around every corner.

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Tucked away in the streets of Quebec City you’ll find the inconspicuous entrance to the Auberge Saint Antoine. A contemporary yet warm and cozy boutique hotel hidden by a historic façade dating back to the early 1600s. You could say the property is almost cloaked to blend into the rest of the euro styled streets so much to the point that Keia and I walked passed the front door and found ourselves pulling on handles down the street that probably havne’t been opened for a few decades. Once we realized where the entrance was, we slipped inside and was pleasantly welcomed by a French speaking doorman who greeted us and quickly switched over to English due in park to the look of confusion we have a tendency to make every time someone speaks to us in French.

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We are so excited to share our travel diary for Saint Lucia! This was such a special trip for us because it was for our 10 year anniversary! I'm gonna get a little sappy here because 10 years?!? Time has flown by and went so slow at the same time, we still can't believe we've been together since we were teenagers but when you know, you know :) We are each others best friend and favorite travel partner (when one of us has a valid passport ;) - more on that in a min!) & for us this is definitely on the top of our travels thus far! 

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