A gem hidden away in the lush palm forests of San Jose del Cabo. To start, we only have the BEST things to say about Acre. It blew us away the moment we stepped up to the entrance and kept us captivated throughout the night with the ambiance it carries. 

Acre is a farm to table restaurant that caters to unique eats & drinks and the passion is shown through the food. Personally we are huge fans of TRUE farm to table fare because its how we were meant to eat. Its honeslty the first thing K types into the search bar when looking for restuarnts in a new place. Acre is by far the best farm to table we have had the pleasure dining at, we are certain you will love it if you visit! 

San Jose del Cabo is a beautiful area! It feels like Cabo's quieter sister. Its about a 45min drive from the heart of downtown but again so worth the drive. Acre is situated down a few winding dirt roads, that you may not feel sure you're going the right way but you are. Once you pull up you see an oasis in front of you. Remember to bring your camera - you'll be so happy you did! You will want to take photos around every corner. 

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First things first arrive early - this will give you time to wander around the grounds (trust us, you'll want to!) and also sit at the bar and enjoy a pre-dinner refreshment :) 

You enter by walking into this jungle landscape following the path down to the entrance of the property. The entry way is gorgeous and we were loving the urban feel of everything! On the way in you'll pass by a room thats rather interesting - its where they make their own hydrosols (a water spray infused with scents) . Ask at dinner to test them out - our favorite was the mint & rose, they were so refreshing!

Remember you've arrived early to hit up the bar, so sit back and relax! The architecture of the whole place is stunning, but the bars design is super unique. Once you're settled in order a drink - we recommend the Sabio Sour & Hummingbird cocktails. Then get ready to feast on LITERALLY some of the best food we've ever eaten. 

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At Acre you can order regularly or you can do a tasting dinner which we would highly recommend. You get a little bit of everything and can even tell them what dishes you know you want to try and they will incorporate them into the tasting menu for you. Gael was our waiter and if you can request him, you should! He made the whole night so much fun and had great recommendations! Some of our favorites were:

•Smoked Tomato Soup

•Crudo Ceviche 

• Cheddar Biscuts  

• Fried Tomatoes (GET THESE!!! By far the BEST on the menu!)

•Angolotti Pasta (not sure if this is seasonal dish but it was incredible!)

Another way to make the night even better is to request a Mezcal tasting! If you've never heard of or tasted Mezcal its a type of tequila that can come from several different agave plants but is  totally different in taste (think smokier) and production. The awesome thing about Acre is they make their own mezcals that are by far some of the best we've tasted. Gustavo took us through a tasting of four different blends that were so different. It was a great add on to the night!

Acre really is a stunning place to stop by for a drink and dinner. It makes you feel a million miles away from everything. Along with the incredible food the grounds are gorgeous, from a cozy fire pit, to a swanky pool and a lit up garden you'll just want to keep exploring. The other thing that Acre offers is a hotel of sorts. You can stay in tree houses that will make the jungle vibe that is carried through the property very real :) They are already on our list to check out next time we visit Cabo. 

Put Acre on your list next time you are in Cabo and dedicate a night to getting away and enjoying every moment!