Serene. If we could use one word to describe The Resort at Pedregal, that would be it. From the location to the architecture, colors & sounds - you are completely immersed in the vibe from the time you step into the lobby until you leave. 

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The resort is beyond beautiful from the second you walk in. There are so many beautiful colors and the sounds of the ocean are heard 24/7 while you are there. Truthfully its hard to leave the property because there is such a serenity to just relaxing there. 

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Like we said in our getaway guide, we stayed here last year and we're completely blown away. This year they were voted the #1 hotel in Mexico by Travel & Leisure and we're not surprised at all. The views, the ambiance, the staff - its so easy to see why they won. The best thing about Pedregal is not the constant sound of the waves, the stunning infinity pools, or the margaritas of the day but the staff. They are so incredibly kind and welcoming and we'd love to say thank you AGAIN for making our trip absolutely amazing! So thank you Aaron, Paulina, Carlos & Vivian! 

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If you're looking for luxury this is the place to escape to. The spa, the food and the excursions are some of the best within Cabo. Both restaurants on property are two of our favorites in Cabo which you can read about here! The spa is also such a treat! You can relax at the spa pool and listen to the waterfalls and then head into the wet area to do saunas & steams to heat up. To cool down jump in the ice room and completely melt at how relaxed you feel! As we also mentioned in our guide, the excursions offered are unique to the hotel and worth checking out if you want a change of pace for your trip. We hiked the Sierra Waterfall in Santiago and it was incredible and easily our favorite part of the trip! Take a look at our favoirte parts of the hotel below...



•The seclusion from literally everything - truly a real getaway that feels like an escape!

• The gym! Workouts are still imporant on vacations and I love being able to jump on the Curve treadmill ;) 

• The live music playing at the bar at Don Manuel's each night - perfect place to grab a drink and  chill!  

• Had to add one more ;) the samples of margaritas of the day that are brought to you around the pool. The perfect mid day refresher! 


 Being able to hear the waves throughout every corner of the resort.

• The staff and their genuine effort in getting to know you - Hey Carlos, Aaron & Vivian!

• The coziness of the size of the resort because it never feels too big or too small. 

So go on, you know you wanna getaway, truly its the perfect place to escape and imerse yourself in the sounds and feelings of the waves!