Let's step back in time. We feel that anytime we talk about the Detroit Foundation Hotel this is what we say. Honestly as soon as you walk through the doors you feel transported. There are so many aspects vying for your attention that you just want to wander throughout the hotel. 


As lovers of small boutique hotels we had wanted to check out DFH for so long and we know that we will be taking another staycation here very soon. The whole hotel is gorgeous with a 1920's feel through each room. Let's just say we were getting design ideas around every corner, its a mid century modern lovers dream! 

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One of the best parts about the hotel is the Apparatus Room, the restaurant at the hotel. It offers a lit up bar that has the most amazing lights dancing all across it. Add in some plush leather couches, big picture windows and a menu that is outstanding - its a place to check out for sure (make sure you have a reservation though!). 


Our room was awesome and truthfully we would have stayed tucked in all night because it made us feel a million miles away from home - even though we were just an hour away! We made the most out of our pool table and played a few games and let's just say J may have lost a few games ;) Again the decor in our room was so warm with the mid-century modern twist with some added masculinity that just made it so cool! There are also tons of Detroit based goodies which we loved checking out. 

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In the morning we relaxed and had room service - trust us this is so worth it! Order the steel cut Irish oats (SO GOOD!) and enjoy the plush bed and just a few more minutes of solitude!

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• I am obsessed with the lights in the bar, its just the coziest atmosphere! 

• Has so many little bits of Detroit throughout which makes it very cool for people coming in from out of state to see. 

• Le Labo bath toiletries - my favorite fragrances ever so I LOVED this & the bed - so comfy!


• I loved the hotel being in the old fire station building and holding onto some of that history. 

• Warm and modern vibes throughout. 

• The curated goods of all Detroit brands - I may need to get one of the Bespoke suits :)