Hi guys! I hope you are having a great week! Honestly I had plans to post twice this week but we've just been enjoying Cabo and I wanted to relax a bit ;)  If you have been following me on Instagram & Snapchat (both @keiamclean) then you would have seen a few bits of the trip so far! I am totally new to Snap but have been loving it for this trip! Anyway I didn't want to leave you high and dry this week so here's a little post on what I bring to eat with me when I travel. 

Now I HATE airport food. I know thats a strong statement but I've eaten too many things that have made me feel like crap while on a plane. With that said I ALWAYS pack a ton of travel goodies so I am taken care of! To be honest I tend to bring a lot of food but I always want to snack on the plane and I'd rather it be healthy and make me feel good. 

First on the list are two items I make sure I have every time I fly or travel. I always have Emergen-C and zinc elderberry tablets. These are constantly with me to make sure I'm good to go for every trip. A good dose to kick your immune system while in the air with tons of strangers is always a good idea!

I also always bring a pre-made hemp rice cake with me to keep me full if it's a longer flight. I top it with almond butter, strawberries, flaxseed, and walnuts. Its delicious and I feel good after eating it unlike I would a over priced mystery breakfast sandwich or something from the air port. 

Now my goodies I LOVE! I tend to always bring this exact mix and it keeps me satisfied and chill until I land. I bring a mix of almonds, cashews, coconut chips, and vegan chocolate chips. This is like a little pick me up of healthy fats to keep me from grabbing those pretzels and cookies on flights. Plus the little sweetness is definitely a pick me up ;)  I also have a Quest bar with me and almond butter packets just to make sure I'm covered. This time I brought some dried mango slices and carob spirulina energy bites (SO GOOD!).  

I always bring my own food whether I'm flying or driving to make sure I make the right decisions because honestly would be all over Starbucks pumpkin bread right about now ;) but I know how I would feel during the flight so this is what I stick with! Hope you guys enjoyed this and got some ideas of what to eat during your next trip!