Hi guys!  I am back from Cabo :( which is hitting me hard but I'm happy to be home with Koda and to be home for fall's changing colors! Honestly I wanted to do this post last week while I was gone but I was loving being away from my computer for the week. That being said our trip was awesome! I plan on sharing a travel diary of the places we went, ate, and what we did within the next weeks as well as outfit posts ;)  Today I wanted to share a quick little post with you guys about my beach bag essentials. I love posts sharing what people bring with them to places and wanted to share my own. 

I've looked high and low for a good beachbag that is equal parts stylish & practical. I love sling bags but they never fit all my stuff so a couple of years ago I found a awesome straw bag from Target that I LOVED! When I was in Cabo 2 years ago it broke when we went over to Lover's Beach... after searching for something I liked I settled on a Florabella straw bag and let's just say this has been one hell of a purchase! 

The bag (linked here!) is so sturdy even though it has a floppy look to it. It has couple of pockets on the inside that I use to hold chapstick and headphones. But mainly it fits all my beach goodies and has a look I love! Now on to what's inside :) 

The first thing I always have with me are my kindle and magazines. I love to read when at the beach so I'm usually wrapped up in my kindle - this time I was reading Captivated By You. My sunnies are always with me and these are my Dita that you know are pretty much the only pair I wear. I also bring both my sunhat and baseball cap because I like to protect my face when I walk the beach and my sunhat would be totally gone on that walk lol :) Now I have to tell you I've been looking for a sunhat for over 2 years and have not been able to find one that fits my head! I was at Anthropologie the week before I left and saw this hat and it worked so I snatched it up and I am so happy I did because it's perfect! My coverup is a beachbag must as well! This one is a gauzy cape design with a  tye-dye pattern and its so breezy and comfortable! I have both the black and the tan and they are just awesome! Lastly are my snacks which if you know me I'm almost always carrying some food with me lol! Anyway I always have some kind of nut with me and most of time it's almonds. They are a great filling snack for the beach because let's be honest you don't want to be hungry but you want to look good too ;) The coconut chips I have been LIVING on and adding to anything I can but they are amazinggg as is and such a great alternative to snacking on chips. For a little sweetness and cool down I have my chia squeeze - all the flavors of these Mamma Chia squeezes are so good! They are the perfect little snack and only 70 calories! You can still use my coupon code "keia15" for 15% off any purchase on :) I usually have some other things in my bag like my phone & headphones to listen to music (I have been loving Lana Del Rey's new album!), chapstick, and sunscreen but they were all in JB's bag back at the pool lol! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post and I am so excited to share some more posts from Cabo with you soon! It's one of my favorite places to spend time and honestly reminds me of Arizona but with tons of beaches so it's better ;) Thanks for reading!