Arizona is one of our most loved places we have ever traveled! The last time I went we stayed in both Sedona and Scottsdale so going back to those places was awesome but getting to explore Page this time was incredible. Honestly its like traveling somewhere else and there's so much to see while you're there. 

We could have spent a whole extra day there but just didn't have the time. We actually were not even supposed to go here, the funny thing is we had a night that we didn't have a hotel for and were originally going to do a day trip out to Page. Let's just say I'm so happy we didn't day trip, it would have been horrible and there would have not been nearly enough time to explore and enjoy! 

Now let me say Page is a ghost town and there's really not much going on other than the adventures, but the adventures and experiences are more than enough! 

We drove from Sedona to Page and jammed out to the new Lumineer's album which was so relaxing! The first thing on the agenda was seeing Antelope Canyon! This was the part of the whole trip that I was most excited for and it was INCREDIBLE! We headed to the lower canyon after researching, due to it being less crowded - and it was still a big crowd lol. It really is incredible I have to say. You start by walking into nothing as it seems but once you turn this one corner you get to see the staircases taking you down into the canyons. Once we were in you don't feel like you're on our planet - seriously! I could say so many things but its really one of those places you just have to experience for yourself. Our guide was awesome and knew exactly where the killer shots would be. Towards the end it started raining - which is not the best thing that can happen there. The lower canyons actually end up flooding very quickly and we were racing to get out but over all even with the rain it was amazing and I would do it again in heartbeat! Check out the photos below <3 


After that we had planned to spend the say at Lake Powell but it rained ALL DAY LONG. We were pretty bummed but decided to just relax after being on go both days in Sedona. We headed to dinner at the Rainbow Room. It overlooks Lake Powell which was an awesome view for dinner! 


The next day we were up EARLY like 3:30am early to see Horseshoe Bend at sunrise! Well we made it there welllll before the sunrise lol! My weather app decided to tell us an hour ahead of time that the sun would be up and it wasn't. It was SOOOO cold - like Michigan cold - AZ can you chill?! You're supposed to be warmer than Michigan, come on now! Besides the cold it was ridiculously windy lol! So my word of advice is if you're not visiting in the summer, bring warm clothes! There were a few people enough that you would want to get there early to enjoy. After the sunrise we ate our freeze dried meals JB brought while watching everyone take pictures. It was so much fun and definitely worth it even with the cold! 


On our way out of Page and into Scottsdale we stopped at the Grand Canyon - can you tell we were on go and trying to jam so much in lol?! It was worth it yet still cold - there was SNOW on the ground! You definitely expect when you're in the West to not see snow lol! This one blew me away because no matter what photo I took the GC doesn't look real. It really looks like a painting, and theres so much depth! Its incredible to see and I definitely want to go back to see the other side next time I'm there! 


If you guys get the chance to check out Page, I'm telling you do it! It really is a cool and different trip, especially if you're an adventurous type or photographer. There's so much to see! Next I'll be taking you to another fave of mine, Scottsdale. I'm warning you in advance there's more food than anything on that post lol, but would you expect anything else lol!