Hi guys! I know this post is a long time coming but I am beyond excited to share this post with you today! Cabo is one of my absolute favorite places to travel to and hopefully if you want to check it out some of these recommendations may come in handy! Be prepared for picture overload - especially of food ;P and a superrr long post! 

-Where We Stayed- 

JB and I stayed on the Pacific side at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. Hands down I would choose the Pacific side to stay on over the Sea of Cortez side on the view alone. It's truly amazing as you can see below! 


The scenery within our resort was incredible! It's built on terraces and to get around you can walk or take golf cart rides - totally recommend as its a HUGE resort! There were 4 or 5 pools on property and they were all beautiful. The Skypool is one to see, you can look out over the whole coast from it!


The only downside to staying on this side is that you cannot swim in the ocean because of the current and its a little drive to get back to the Sea of Cortez side which is where a lot of the restaurants and attractions are. 

-Places To Go & Things To Do- 

I want to briefly touch on my trip there last time because I did way more that trip than this one - this one was about relaxing lol! But if you visit Cabo you have to see Lover's Beach. It's a short water taxi ride and you can snorkel, swim and walk around these awesome rock formations. This year we didn't go over there even though we wanted to but I'll get to that below :) Anyway we also traveled to Todos Santos which is about 1.5 hours away. It's a really cool town which the Hotel California is in and has great little shops and eatery's all over! I recommend doing both of those things if it's your first time there! 

Lover's Beach & Cabo Arch - A short water taxi ride where you can snorkel, swim, tan, and walk around these awesome rock formations! 


Todos Santos - About an 1.5 hour drive in the Baja that is home to the Hotel California. Has great shops and little eatery's all over! 

Cabo Surf Hotel - A great breakfast place! Right on the ocean and you can take surfing lessons right there. JB took them the last time we were there and loved it! Super quiet and relaxing! 


Coco's Frio Stand - Right past the Cabo Surf Hotel (and among other places along the main road) you'll see an overpass that has the Coco's Frio truck. They have fresh coconuts that they open and serve you overlooking the ocean! 

The Marina - Great place to shop, eat, and just hang out. There are TONS of restaurants lining the marina with every type of cuisine!

The Spa at Villa Del Arco - If somehow you can book an appointment or somehow use their spa do it! It's by far one of the best I've seen! It has three different hot tubs all at different temps, a dipping pool, steam and regular sauna, and water plunge showers! 

-Places To Eat- 

Ok now on to my favorite part - the food! I am a total foodie (luckily JB is too!) and spend time researching restaurants before traveling. I check to make sure I'm hitting the spots I want to and also to see if there are farm to table, gluten free, and or healthy options around. Here are my picks with more details (and pictures!) below :) 

  • La Frida 
  • Bar Esquina 
  • Don Manuel's 
  • Sunset De Mona Lisa 
  • Flora Farms 
  • Esperanza Resort 
  • Doc Wine Bar 

La Frida - Our first night we stayed at our hotel and ate at La Frida which is based on Frida Kahlo. It was a really cool atmosphere inside but we wanted to be outside so we sat in this little nook that was just perfect! The drinks at La Frida are incredible! The bartender rolls a cart of all sorts of goodness to you and prepares your cocktail in front of you - so cool! I got the Frida margarita and it was one of the best drinks I had on the whole trip. The food is also awesome! They had a seasonal asparagus soup that was delicious and other traditional Mexican dishes with their own spin on them. 


Bar Esquina - We also checked out a place for dinner called Bar Esquina. Another one with awesome atmosphere! Great drinks, and food - their pizza is crazy good! The best part is the live music which was a band that played all instrumental versions of songs! 


Don Manuel's - Now this next restaurant we went to TWICE because it is by far one of the best I've ever eaten at! Don Manuel's which is at Capella resort is a must go to! The resort is absolutely stunning first off and both restaurants on property have killer views! At El Farillon (which we ate at the time before this) you are literally right next to the ocean. But back to Don Manuel's. I HIGHLY recommend getting there early to enjoy a drink in their bar beforehand. Order the cucumber jalepeno margarita - by far the best drink I've ever had! Its a beautiful ambiance and you are again right next to the ocean. Dinner is also amazing! The sea bass is one of the best dishes I've ever had as well! I am a huge fish fan and this was incredible! Oh and get desert - its another must! 


Sunset De Mona Lisa - This time and the last time we were in Cabo we had dinner at Sunset De Mona Lisa. This another absolute must! It overlooks the Sea of Cortez and if you book the 6pm dinner seating you'll be there for the sunset which is stunning! They also announce it with a conch shell which is pretty cool! Great drinks and food as well! 


Flora Farm - Now I am ending on my favorite of the whole trip. If you eat anywhere while here go to Flora Farms. It's a bit of a drive but totally worth it! They have a few cool shops on property one being the skincare company Santo Cabo which I talked about in my monthly faves. The coolest thing is that you eat on the farm at this super cute restaurant. Everything is local and incredible! We got drinks (the farmarita is amazingggg!) and took the farm tour before dinner. It was cool to check out where the food is grown and get a little history of Flora. Dinner is fabulous and so fresh! I had the risotto with farm grown veggies and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten - like if I was on that show on the food channel I would pick this lol! They also have amazing granola which we bought and took home with us and crazy amazing cinnamon rolls which I fully included in and was 100% ok with ;) 


Like I said this one was more about relaxing so we totally indulged in beach time and resting!Hope you all enjoyed this post on Cabo! It's so beautiful there and forever has a place in my heart! If you have any questions or paces I need to see next time leave them in the comments :)